First taste

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First meeting of the Winehos (big ups to Hayley for coming up with the name) took place last week, and some fine ladies had a fine collection of four to try – two reds and two whites.  All of them bar one was under five pounds, and there were two that we would definitely buy again.

In terms of the quality of wine, the reds were better than the whites and xxxx noted that it’s easier to get good cheap reds than whites, (I can’t remember why?). So there you have it, a tricky little tip to remember if you want to get a bottle of something half decent on a budget.

During the course of the tastings we realised that we’re not that up with the wino lingo and felt we need to take ourselves on an educational tour at Vinopolis at some point, watch this space…

Wines are listed in order of tasting – and, Wine-Hos don’t spit, they swallow.

And, a special shout out to Alice who couldn’t make it but shared a lovely little Wairau Cove white with us on Saturday night.

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