Review: Alta Luna Italia

Alta Luna Italia
2009 Pino Grigio
£3.99 from Sainsbury’s Dalston

Our first impressions on this wine was that it “smelled grapey”, and didn’t really see any legs. However, we did noticed citrus notes and tones and agreed it was a nice easy drinking and fairly light wine.  We could see this as being a fantastic buy for summer, and in wine spritzers (wine and sparkling water mix).

This led us to discuss wine spritzers – often in the heat of summer an entire bottle of wine can be a little too strong on a hot summer afternoon, I tend to drink fast if it’s hot (don’t  know about you?). If you freshen it up with sparkling water you can still get a pretty good wine buzz going while maintaining smart and witty conversation.  We like to be high class Wine Hos you know.

According to the label this wine is “refreshingly crisp” and from the north east of Italy “with a delicate floral nose and ripe white peach flavours”. We completely disagreed with the peach.  The label recommends this wine as a “great apertif” and delicious with light pasta, seafood and poultry dishes.  Our overall impression was that there was nothing overwhelming about it quote “neutral alcoholic grapes”, but it was an easy drink which we enjoyed.

Overall rating 2.91 out of 5
Would we buy it again? YES ALL ROUND!


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