Review: Italia Grillo 2009

Grillo 2009
£4.99 from Waitrose Marylebone High Street

This wine was definitely a lot drier than the first, and tingled on the tounge. We tasted hints of ash, and wondered if this was because it came from an area of Italy with volcanic soil (such as Sicily near Mt Etna). We also noted tonnes of wet cask.  It didn’t have  lot of bite, and we disagreed with the label stating that it had ripe fruit flavours – for some the flavours did come later, and for others not at all.

According to the label it was created in the west of Sicily (near Mt Etna so we were on it!) and is a “crisp, dry white crammed with ripe fruit flavours.” It is also “a wine of natural Italian passion and style to enjoy with whoever, whenever…perfetto!”.

Ok, so the label does make it sound pretty exciting but it really did fail to leave an impression with the Hos and was not as light or easy drinking as the Pino Grigio. Basically, it was like checking out someone’s hot online dating profile and then meeting up with them in fat, ugly real life.

On the positive side we did learn a little Italian pronunciation along the way with this one. Double ll’s as in “grillo” are pronounced with a “Y” sound
(yah!). And, double cc’s are pronouned as a “K”. How ’bout that?

OVERALL RATING 2.23 out of 5
Would we buy it again? One NO, two MAYBEs.


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