REVIEW: Le Pressoir

WINEHO wine of the night!

Le Pressoir
Grande Reserve
Languedoc 2008
£4.99 from the Newington Green wine shop

We decided that french wine labels are pretty full on. So many words, but what do they mean? Hopefully as we go along we’ll start to make better sense of them.

Anyways our first red of the night had a strong scent, with one Ho describing it as “booming and tangy”   and another describing it as “oaky, but not really” – basically a good all rounder. Noticed undertones of boysenberry and blueberry and a little bit of carpet on the nose.  Not that the carpet wasn’t a bad thing,  it gave the wine more body. It was the perfect balance of being flavourful and easy drinking.

We loved it, and Anne-Louise gets a gold star for finding this delectable little treasure.

Four out of five all round!
Would we buy this wine again? YES!!!


3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Le Pressoir

  1. Hi, it’s Mustafa from Green Off Licence, I spoke to one of you ladies earlier today. In retrospect, I should have asked for a name but… yeah. Just got home and decided to give your blog a quick skim through, it’s shaping up rather nicely, I’ll subscribe to the RSS so I can keep an eye on any future reviews you publish online.

    I’m glad ya’ll enjoyed the Le Pressoir, I may have to actually steal a bottle for myself tomorrow when I’m heading home again, but I’ve got my hands (or glass?) full tonight with these three bottles; My face should be on my keyboard halfway through the second bottle if all goes as planned, good night and best of luck with the blog. =]

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