REVIEW: Organic Russo

Organic Russo
Six pound something from somewhere.

The first thing that hit us with this wine was the intense smell of metholated spirits or “sweet lighter fluid”. Because it had such a pungent tang we thought that it may have corked or needed some time to breathe out of the bottle.  It had an acidic aftertaste and basically after the delicious French red it had a hard act to swallow err, follow. What we did like about it was that it did taste a little spicy and that is was an organic wine and sulphate free which means no headache (or a smaller headache) the next day and vegans can drink it too.

According to the label this is a Sicilian “easy-drinking yet substantial red crammed full of ripe summer berry fruits”.I’m not sure if we noticed any fruits here. It also describes itself as “ honest, friendly and organic”. I agree with the organic, and the label was pretty friendly and much simpler than the French label. Being Winehos we like easy drinkers, and the easy-drinking description was definitely an attraction. We wouldn’t call this honest as it didn’t live up to its easy-drinking claims.


One thought on “REVIEW: Organic Russo

  1. I drank this two days after the tasting, and agreed with our original thoughts. It does get better as you get further down the glass, but so do most things. Overall I am enjoying it.

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