REVIEW: Tempranillo Albizu 2009

REVIEW: Tempranillo Albizu 2009
£5.89 from The Grocery, Shoreditch

delicious wine
A little something to warm up a cool autumn evening

We ended up having a mini Winehos session on the weekend when Kerrily mentioned she had a little Italian number she’d put aside for a Winehos night upstairs.  Basically you can’t mention you have a bottle of wine and not expect it to be drunk, especially on a Saturday night. We got straight into it.

The Tempranillo Albizu  lets the wine speak for itself, there are no descriptors on the label apart from the name.  We agreed it had plum and strawberry flavours, and was even a little tart.  It was full flavoured with a light finish.  Definitely drinkable.

On this tasting/drinking session we tested the “breathy slurp sip” which helps you to taste the wine at the back of the throat. We were all amazed at how well it worked, with one of our Winehos detecting citrusy notes. Impressive! Especially after her initial impression of the scent was “methylated spirits”, while we’re talking scent another found it “savoury” on the nose.   This fits well with another description of the wine as having “leathery undertones”.

A little bit of googling revealed that it is from the Riojas region of Spain, and that it “has an expressive nose of plum, dark and red berries with meaty hints” and  an incredibly “short and elegant” finish. Not bad!

We found something quite odd on the back of the bottle, a little label which says “chilled food”. We felt this was wrong on two counts:

  1. Red wine is not meant to be chilled
  2. Wine is not food.

Since we enjoyed it so much, we forgive Tempranillo Albizu for the strange message on the back of it’s bottle.  We’re sure it wasn’t it’s fault.

We also had to know how Kerrily had found this delectable little treat, and under questioning she revealed that her flattie Bronwyn had found it.  On further investigation the Tempranillo has been a favourite of Bronwyns for some time.  She told us she had been buying it since 2009 after a wee taster at the Grocery.

Would we buy it again? YES


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