Tasting and drinking are different

We had an epic tasting session  the other week.  Six fine winehos, six fine bottles and an amazing spread of cheeses and nibbles.  We even had a special presentation from Alice on a handsome wine she’d bought back from a little sojourn around Italy which was pretty damn cool. Alice has written up a hot review on our new Italian boyfriend – check it out here!

We were dedicated to that first wine, we tasted it, discussed the flavours and the smell, tallked about where it came from and what the winery was like. We descended into the second wine, compared it to the first, thought about the different finish, asked ourselves would we buy it again? We got talking. By the third wine we simply decided it was inferior to the first two, and by the time we got to the fourth,  fifth and sixth we were over tasting.  Personally I can’t remember if I tasted the sixth because I loved one of the earlier ones and kept going back for more.

By this time we realised that we are wine drinkers, we open a bottle of wine and we drink it.  One of us observed that ‘tasting gets in the way of drinking’, it slows you down, and sometimes you just want to get on with it.  In a way it’s true.  When I drink wine I taste it, and decide if I like it or not and get on with the conversation.

While we were tasting the first two wines and talking about them we were actually drinking most of the bottle instead of having a ‘taste’.   It was hard not to, we were deep in discussion/gossip and the wine was good. Anyways, we realised the error of our ways and committed to proper tasting for the next session. Thanks to Hayley we’ve also found an excellent guide to winetasting from the Waitrose site. Taking it to the next level!

So this time around we’re posting very short reviews of five wines –  think if it as a taster!

Barbera d’Asti – Basically awesome – check it out here
Russo – quite fruity, we would buy it again.
Le Pressoir – Le Cotes de Ruisson – Not amazing but good for off-license, would buy again.
And the rest, we can’t remember.

A big thanks to Alice on delivering tasty treats, Lydia, for being the hostess with the mostess, and Jeremy for being a tidy kiwi the next day x x


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