REVIEW: Crow’s Fountain Chenin Blanc 2010

Crow’s Fountain Chenin Blanc 2010
Marks & Spencer £6.39

For this review we travel to South Africa for a taste of their Chenin Blanc thanks to Marks & Spencer (M&S).  Originally from The Anjou region in France, the first Chenin Blanc vines were introduced to the Cape in 1655 by Jan Van Riebeeck.  Since then the variety has grown on the South Africans, and is now the most widely planted grape in the country. This particular Chenin Blac is form the Stellenbosch region of the Western Cape.  The label states that the climate is “sunny and warm, but cooled from ocean breezes.” I love this, it makes me feel like I’m on holiday.

We get into the wine and note like the fragrance, the taste is fruity yet light.  We tasted citrus notes with a hint of sour, one of us described it as “like eating a granny smith apple”.   It goes down a treat with a dry aftertaste and we all agreed it is an incredibly easy drinker.  According to the label we’re pretty much bang on point, the wine has “deliciously ripe, tangy flavours of apple, citrus and guava with a fresh dry finish.” Ok, so we missed the guava but hey, we’re still learning.

As a side note M&S provide a lot of info on the wine, outlining whether it’s vegan, the dryness, how to serve, and when to drink it as well as recommended standard drinks, and the number of standard drinks contained in a bottle. While they rate the dryness is ‘2’, they don’t specify the scale, is that 2/5 or out 2/100? Anyways, extra points also go to the wine certified as being produced with integrity and sustainability.  I admit I am wary of the various environmentally friendly/organic type labelling, but hell it makes me feel better about buying wine and the certification website is pretty damn official.

Apparently this is best paired with light savoury dishes such as “Parma ham and melon, goat’s cheese and salad or fresh grilled trout” –  I would drink this with anything and nothing.

Would we buy it again? YES

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