Review: Le Grand Chai Bordeaux Blanc 2009

A Sauvignon with gutsy flavour

We’re from New Zealand where we are pretty spoiled with some fantastic Sauvignon Blancs. However given that the grape originates from the Bordeux region of France, we had to have a taste of the real deal French variety and were lucky to be presented with Laithwaite’s Le Grand Chai Bordeaux Blanc 2009 at their recent Birthday event.

The wine has a heady floral bouquet, and the real clincher was the hint of Semillon, which added a lovely golden tone to the wine and we tasted gorgeous honeyed notes.  It’s heavier than I expected, however it did hold the flavours well and didn’t taste like it was going to be awful when you got to the end of the bottle.

This is like a Sauvignon Blanc with delicious guts.  The grape variety gets its name from the French word sauvage (“wild”) and blanc (“white”) due to its early origins as an indigenous grape inSouth West France, but this wine is anything but.

Laithwaites describe this as a ‘richly complex masterpiece’ and we have to agree.

Would we buy this again? YES!

A case will set you back 107.88 (or around 8.99 per bottle) Buy it online at Laithwaites.

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