Get a taste at Harrods

The new tasting room at Harrods....

Winehos are all for tasting new things, especially wine! Lucky for us Harrods have unveiled an intimate little tasting room nestled in their wine department on the lower ground floor of their Knightsbridge store.

There are more than 3000 different lines people can try, with a flat corkage fee of £15 per bottle and you’ll be paying the retail price for your bottle of choice.  While some of their vintages well above our price range, they’ve put together some fantastic wine evenings that are pretty damn reasonable.

You can brush up your wine knowledge at a tasting evening for around £30, and if you want to take  your appreciation to the next level you can attend an introductory wine course starting at £150.  If a private soiree is more your thing, the tasting room is available for hire.

Check out the calendar of events here!

The wine tasting room
Lower ground floor


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