Review: Lagar de Bouza Albarino 2007

This label screams party! It’s bright, it’s loud, and it’s ready to bring the good times in Spanish! As we could only understand very basic Espanol, this wine was a lot of fun to try in that we had no expectations of what it would taste like and nothing to refer it to.

Our first impression was that it was very honeyed with melon notes, and had a lovely rich golden colour. It also tasted of very ripe fruits, one of us is a big Chardonnay fan and she loved this wine.  It was very much like an oaky Chardonnay. While the Lagar de Bouza is big on flavour it is also very drinkable.

Post tasting research revealed the wine is made from one of Spain’s greatest white grape varieties, the  Albarino, which grows on the traditional pergolas all over the Rias Baixas area of Galicia. Apparently the Albarino grape variety is ‘minerally with citrus fruit and hints of salty maritime air’.  I’m not sure how you get salty maritime air flavours but we didn’t really taste that aspect.

We did agree this would be ideal with the right food match, and this is recommended as an accompaniment to fish and pasta dishes.  It’s not something we’d usually buy but we were pleasantly surprised.  It really is a party in your mouth.

Buy it now from Wineaux for £9.99

And, a big thanks to Barry from Wineaux for donating this recommendation!

2 thoughts on “Review: Lagar de Bouza Albarino 2007

  1. You get salty maritime air flavours because of the wine region, that is closed to the sea, very closed indead. I can recomend you the 59 th annual Albariño Wine Festival in Cambados for enjoying it by yourself.

    The Albariño wine festival is a festival and is celebrated once a year on the first Sunday of the month of August in Cambados. It is the oldest wine festival in Galicia and the second oldest in Spain. Every year up to 150,000 visitors to the come to the wine festival. That makes it the most important festival in Galicia.

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