Life lesson learned at Laithwaites Lucky Dip

Winehos with lucky number 8 - Photo credit: Nigel James Photography

I managed to get myself and a friend down to Laithwaites on Saturday morning and check out their Lucky Dip (see my previous post here).  It felt a bit like ‘Secret Santa’, and I was really excited about what wine I would get.  I unwrapped mystery wine to reveal a bottle of Chateau de Moussire Les Maritimes 2007.  The lovely Laurent Neisser was on hand to tell me  about the wine. He explained that the main component is Grenache, with Mouverde, and from the Cote de Rhone region. He recommended it should be paired with rich meaty tomato based dishes.

His colleague described the wine as  a “lighter, brighter Shiraz”, and that the 2007 vintage is known for being excellent.  He agreed that it would go very well with food, saying that the ashier notes of ‘old world wine’ (i.e. French) are lessened when the wine is drunk with a meal, and that both the flavours of the food and wine are enhanced more so that if you paired a ‘new world wine’ (i.e. Australia) with the meal.  I have since taken this ‘old word wine works with  food’ adage to heart.

This wine + Spag Bol = HEAVEN

With my new old world wine and food adage in mind, I prepared a hearty spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, and shared the wine with my flatmates.  We agreed that it went very well with the meal, and had lovely rich berry flavours that weren’t too heavy.  In terms of the pairing and ashy tones, I would agree that it does change the taste of both the wine and food in a positive way.  The label states this wine is aged in oak barrels and is a full-bodied structured Syrah blended from the fruit of their oldest vines, with blueberry and blackberry flavours.  This wine is very well balanced, has an elegant finish and should be made a compulsory partner to all future spaghetti bolognaise meals.

Buy it online here!
And thanks to Nigel James Photography for the Winehos shot!


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