Review: Johnny Q Shiraz

Johnny Q

Who is Johnny Q? He is cheeky Australian Winemaker John Quarisa and he has created a Shiraz we absolutely adore. It’s packed with flavours which are very “cherry berry” and dangerously drinkable. This Shiraz has lovely deep purple red colouring that looks like blood.  We tried another red on the same evening and this was definitely the favourite.  If you like your reds rich and fruity, this is definitely for you.

According to the label this is an intense youthful fresh ripe berry fruit aromas with some well integrated vanillan oak. Full bodied dense ripe berry fruit flavours balanced with vanillan oak, yet long and smooth.  As an aside we also enjoyed Johnny’s general advice, he lives by the motto, “You just can’t take life too seriously”.  The label states:

“You will find this wine is a perfect accompaniment with fun times and lots of laughter. Enjoy with good friends and family.”

Thanks to Johnny Q (and Barry from Wineaux) we definitely had fun times and laughter, and will be having some more fun with him in future.

Buy it online at Wineaux now on sale at Sale Price: £9.99  (usually £12.99)

Shiraz vs Syrah
When we tasted this wine we wanted to find out more about the Shiraz grape variety. It turns out it is known as Syrah in France, its country of origin, as well as most European countries, New Zealand and South America.  However the Syrah variety grown in Australia became known as Shiraz, and this has also spread to parts of South Africa and Canada.

Nothing I have read on this is crystal clear on the matter but it appears that Syrah refers to the classic style Northern Rhone reds (more tannic and smoky)  and Shiraz to the new world styled wines (more peppery, sweet and fruit driven).   Comments appreciated!


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