Review: Radcliffe’s Prosecco

Radcliffes Prosecco. Best ever.

Prosecco Spumante is a classic  Italian wine made from grapes grown predominantly in the northern Veneto region.   We were lucky to try Radcliffe’s Prosecco release they created to celebrate wine month in May.

We tasted green, slightly unripe grapes, with hints of lemon and melon. Very pale in colour, with a tint of green.  This wine is on the sweeter side, and has very nice small bubbles. Hayley usually finds Prosecco to be very dry, and while this was dry, it was definitely more subtle. Kerrily isn’t a big bubbles drinker at all and she really enjoyed it.  We tasted a few wines on this occasion and this was by far the favourite of the night.

It’s described as ‘ crisp, light and refreshing’ and the ‘ultimate drink for sharing with friends and family’, we definitely agree.  Like other sparkling varieties Prosecco is seen as a cheap alternative to Champagne.  This is definitely cheaper, but you will not be disappointed.  But, unlike Champagne, Prosecco does not ferment in the bottle and grows stale with time, so it should be drunk as young as possible.  We’re very ok with this.

Buy it now from or independent retailers, this retails for around 7.99. Total bargain!

Did you know?
You can get varieties in the amount of sparkle, either fully sparkling (spumante) or lightly sparkling (frizzante, gentile). Prosecco spumante, which has undergone a full secondary fermentation, is the more expensive variety.  This particular Radcliffe’s offering is the spumante.


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