Review: Overgaauw Shepherd’s Cottage Red 2006

This wine is a little bit different and tastes like it’s been on fire. It’s ashy and smokey, and has a really lovely intense ‘incense-like’ aroma.  One of us described it tasting like “chargrill and cherry”. While we were hit with its intense flame grilled, ripe berry flavours, we have to admit it was still very drinkable and we quite enjoyed it.  However, this would be best paired with a meal.

This red is made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, and comes from the Overgaauw winery in sunny South Africa.  It’s described as having “fresh blackcurrant and plum fruit” and “silky and seductive” with a long finish.

This is a unique, full on wine and not something that we would drink everyday – it deserves a meaty occasion.  We recommend this wine for carnivores who love to BBQ.

Available from Wineaux for less than a tenner! (And thanks again to Barry @thewineaux for the wine!)


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