Wine tasting in Amsterdam

While on holiday in Amsterdam I was lucky to be taken to a fantastic little wine shop by a friend who is a regular customer, largely due to them stocking  Bishops Leap Sauvignon Blanc. The store is called Wijnhandel De Ware Jacob but is affectionately known as ‘Michael’s’ after the owner.

Micheals is located in Jordaan, which is a lovely gentrified area of Amsterdam to the south west of the central train station full of cool shops, cafes and beautiful people.  While stopping in to purchase a few bottles of the aforementioned Bishops Leap, we busted a group of Micheal’s regular customers doing a wine tasting in the upper room and got involved.  The guys were lovely and we had a great time talking about the wines, discussing what we thought of them and whether we’d pay 12 Euros for a bottle.  Micheal often  invites his regulars in for tastings on Fridays and gets their opinions on potential new wines for the store and pricing. Smart guy. We tasted two whites, a german rose and a red.

German Rose

While we disagreed on the whites and the Rose, we all agreed the red was good – it was a Nereo 2008 Grenache.  If you happen to stop in at Amsterdam, you have to head to Micheal’s. You might even luck into a tasting…

Thanks to Joleen for the photos and sharing this gem with us, and to Michael x

Micheal’s aka Wijnhandel De Ware Jacob
Herenstraat 41
1015 BZ Amsterdam
Tel 020 6239877

Tasters in action, cheers!

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