Review: Rupert and Rothchild Vignerons Baron Edmond 2007 Vintage

Rupert and Rotschild - South African fire!

This is a very fierce wine, and I tasted very firey blackcurrant tones.  Full bodied and sweet with a touch of ash it’s very easy drinking, and smells a bit like a bonfire.  This wine is from South Africa where the ripeness of the grape tends to be a little more intense and full bodied.  According to the tasting notes this red “has intense aromas which are complemented by coriander, cranberries and a hint of tobacco leaf.” Ok, so I didn’t quite get the cranberry or coriander, I’m ok with that. I like to think that the spiciness I tasted was from the tobacco leaf.

This is a typical Bordeaux blend and grown in an area called ‘French Hoek’ which means ‘French Corner’.  And, given this was at a Harrods tasting in their wine room I had the pleasure of this served from a Magnum.  Loved it.

Available from Harrods for £36.50.

Also, if you do have more questions about this wine I encourage you to get in touch with the fantastic wine team at Harrods! This was tasted in the wine room, and they do put on a few neat wine events – check the listings here.


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