Easter, the perfect excuse for chocolate and wine

Chocolate and wine, all essential Easter food groups covered.

Chocolate and wine are my two favourite things to consume.  (Closely followed by cheese).  Easter weekend offers an abundance of opportunities to do both, and while I do enjoy wine and chocolate separately I haven’t really tried both at once.   The kind folks at Laithwaites sent through some ideas for chocolate and wine matches to suit all budgets, their suggestions are below, and also had some wine and chocolate arrive thanks to Laithwaites (again!) and La Maison du Chocolat.  We gave them a try…

Pillastro Primitivo + dark chocolate = heaven.

Suggestions for dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa)

  • Pillastro Primitivo – A soft, smooth, low tannin red from warm Southern Italy for just £7.99
  • Andresen Royal Tawny Port – 20 years old! Rich with dried fruit flavours, this delicious blend of oak-matured Ports is the perfect partner for chocolate – £25

We tried the Pillastro Primitivo with La Maison du Chocolat’s Pariguan 69% bar and it was amazing.  The wine was very sweet with berry flavours with a light finish and floral fragrance.  The chocolate also had a lovely floral bouquet and had the perfect balance of being dark, sweet and bitter.  Perfect match!

La Perla and milk chocolate - nice match

Suggestions for milk chocolate

  • Perla del Mar –  From Alicante – Elegant, refreshing, tasting of lime with subtle hints of lychee and other tropical fruits. On his deathbed, Louis XIV of France refused any other food other than sponge cake dipped in Perla del Mar – £7.99.  If it’s good enough for Louis, it’s good enough for me.
  • Three Bridges Semillon from New South Wales – A tangy dessert wine with hints of your favourite marmalade £12.49 for half a bottle

We tried the Perla del Mar with La Maison du Chocolat’s Monsera bar which is a creamy milk chocolate bar with a hint of vanilla.  The first thing that hit me with the La Parla was the scent of the grapes, Muscat, which is a lovely light, sweet scent.  It tasted of green grapes, green apples and had a slightly minerally, watery finish – a very light and floral wine, quite juicy. One of us described it as a little one-dimensional, the other continued to drink it into the night.  The chocolate and wine together was surprisingly good, they matched very nicely.  However if I was going to eat this particular chocolate I would prefer to enjoy it without distraction.  The darker chocolate and red was definitely a more natural pair that would be perfect after dinner.

Thanks to Laithwaites for the pairing suggestions, and La Maison du Chocolat for the chocolates!

Happy Easter x x

One thought on “Easter, the perfect excuse for chocolate and wine

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