Review: Arniston Bay Chenin Blanc Chardonnay 2010

So pineapple! So perfect!

Now usually I would see all these grape varieties and think, woah, there is way to much packed into this wine. But, it’s good to try new things, and being particularly fond of the Chenin Blanc variety, I was curious to find out what this would taste like.

This wine is sweet, tropical and refreshing with a light yellow colour.  I tasted hints of citrus and something else that I couldn’t describe but really, really loved.  I couldn’t work it out until I read the label which starts out with “Zesty pineapple and ripe melon flavours…” then everything clicked!  I love pineapple, it is my favourite fruit and I am amazed Arniston Bay have managed to bring out pineapple flavours in wine.  I would definitely buy this wine again, it brings out the sunshine.  Arniston Bay says this wine is ideal on it’s own or paired with seafood and salad.  So versatile, so pineapple, so perfect!

I also love the motto on the bottle “where time dances idly in the waves”. It’s kind of new age and 80s at the same time.  I feel like I’m on holiday.

They’re running a promotion this summer where you can win beach breaks or 2 for 1 holiday deals through buying their limited edition packs – get more details at

RRP £5.99

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