Summer’s greatest hits and something a little sticky…

Laithwaites Summer Tasting - hello!

Last week I represented Winehos at the Laithwaites Summer tasting.   More than 150 wines were on show and the attendees, mainly buyers and press, perused the tables at their leisure.  Tasting like this are a fantastic opportunity to try something a little different to what you would usually go for and there are an abundance of wine experts on hand to talk you through anything that interests you. For me it was a treasure trove of new wines to taste and write about.

Personally, I like an easy wine.  Something that I like immediately, not something that I have to work to like.  I guess my palate has not yet developed to fully appreciate complex fine wine (or perhaps it comes down to me not being a wine snob). It’s hot in Summer, so I usually reach for whites, sparklies and roses –  refreshing and light.  While the stand outs for me were the roses and a very delicious little Portugese Vinho Verde 2010, there were some very surprising reds that won me over too – like The Grinder Pinotage smelling of chocolate and coffee – amazing!  Of all the sparking wines on offer,  for me the Ca’ Bolani Prosecco Frizzante beat out the Champagnes on show. Say what you like about being cheap, it was delicious and very drinkable.

Now, for something sticky

The Ozzy Sticky from Rutherglen - definitely a standout

One of the more unusual wines on show was an Australian fortified wine, the Buller Calliope Rare Frontignac Halves Rutherglen, and is what is known as an ‘Ozzie Sticky’.  To me it tasted like a sweet wine liquor with flavours of toffee, dried raisin and fig with a hint of Christmas pudding.  It was amazing! I was lucky to have a wee chat with Thomas Woolrych, Laithwaites Buying Manager, who told me a bit more about the wine.  The Rutherglen region in Australia is known as the ‘home of the stickies’, and this particular wine is made of some very old and rare material, Thomas guessed there would be some material more than 50 years old in the bottle. He also advised wine like this can be open for a few weeks and still taste fine, so you don’t have to drink it all at once.  Perfect for after dinner although at an RRP of £50 per half bottle it’s probably going to be a pretty special dinner.

Cheers to Laithwaites for putting on a fantastic event – I will definitely be in-store stocking up on the Nine Tails Moscato Rose 2010 and telling everyone I know to drink it, it’s my wine of the summer.

Individual posts on other summer favourites to follow shortly…

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