Review: Solar das Boucas Vinho Verde 2010

Celebrate summer with Vinho Verde! Photo credit: Nigel James Photograpy

Celebrate summer with this delectable Portugese ‘green wine’ perfect for warm weather drinking!  This white reminded me a bit of muscat,  tasting sweet without being too sweet, and balancing well with floral and lime citrus tones.   I smelled hints of sweet elderflower, delicous.  If you’re looking for a still, dry wine that is refreshing with a bit of zing, this fits the bill perfectly.  Vinho Verde is made from the Loueriro grape grown within the Vinho Verde region, of Portugal which is thought to originate in the valley of the River Lima – this link has some great information about the Loueriro variety (including pictures!).  The variety was big in the 1970s and it’s easy to taste why.   At a very manageable 11% you can enjoy a few while out in the sunshine without over doing it.   Apparently this goes very well with oysters and seafood, we say this goes well with summer.

Online now at Laithwates for less than 100 quid for 12 bottles, and note we tried the 2010 not 2009 as currently listed.

Made by Barão de Vilar,  their site still isn’t up yet but is definitely worth checking back on.

Photos thanks to Nigel James Photography.


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