Review: Mirabeau Rose

Provence is evocative of summer holidays, and this wine is like summer in glass.  Rose is fantastic summer drinking, and the new Mirabeau Rose makes both a an excellent aperitif and table wine.  We caught up with Stephen Cronk, the driving force behind Mirabeau, to talk more about the wine at the launch event last week.

Stephen started off as a wine agent and got to the point where he wanted to make his own wine and represent his own label, and got Master of Wine Angela Muir involved along with  designer Alan Green to bring his vision to life.  He had considered buying a vineyard, but then got talked out of it, then he found vineyards, but none were good enough, so he made his own blend, and voila!

Stephen and Jeany Cronk, team Mirabeau

He also made it clear that this wine is about FUN and they’re not about being wine snobs, and we like that. This wine is fantastic with summer barbecues and Stephen’s current grill favourite is Chinese marinated pork loin (it has to be marinated 24 hrs ahead).  We note in the food section of the Mirabeau site they feature  recipes that match the wine, however this particular pork loin recipe is missing…

Mirabeau consists mainly of Grenache, with Cinsault and Syrah.  It has the intensity of flavour without the heaviness and has a lovely fruit fragrance  of the classic ‘fruits rouge’ of strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant.  This wine tastes delicious, fruity, but not too sweet and is definitely dry in style.   According to the tasting notes ‘The palate offers a combination of ripe red fruits and zesty apple with a decent amount of acidity which adds grip and texture.’ We would agree with texture, but not sure what gripping tastes like? We do love the colour, a light, bright pink.

It’s well worth checking out the Mirabeau site, as Stephen’s been documenting the journey of Mirabeau from start to finish with loads of videos covering everything from the bottle closure to how to open Champagne! Steven explained that they wanted to take away the pretentiousness of the wine, and from checking out the side it’s easy to see they’re practicing what they preach.  They’ve gone into great detail about the wine which is a good read, and we learned something new about how Rose is made.  It’s quite girly and so was the launch event at the Powderoom last week.  We loved it to bits.  Thanks to the lovely ladies at The Powder Room we got some gorgeous pink nails that went very well with  Mirabeau pink wine (see below).

Would we buy it again? At a very reasonable £8.99 from Waitrose, yes.

Check out the Mirabeau site here,  there’s a trip to Provence up for grabs if you take a few snaps of yourselves with Mirabeau.  We want to go!

Hot nails.

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