Vinocap 2011, tre bien!

Being in the Laguedoc-Rousillon of France we had the good fortune of staying in Agde while Vinocap was on – we had to go. For 5 Euros you got a wine glass and access to more than 80 local producers (and their wines!) set up around the marina.  A lazy outdoor tasting in the sun is the best way to taste wine, we even had time for lunch on the marina and a swim half-way through  The producers were really friendly, and even though our French wasn’t great we did manage to have a few fruitful conversations and learn more about wine.

Local Roses from Languedoc

The region is known for it’s Roses and we got taken through a few by Anny Morandy, local industry representative (and was at LIWF last week).  Firstly we tried the Cotes de Thau which is dry, light and refreshing – a blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Then, the Roseum (pictured below)  made with the Marselan grape. This has a light minerally fresh finish and was very drinkable.  The Marselan grape was developed in Laguedoc region and is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache.  Next we tried a Sancerre Rose, which gave the wine a fuller and drier flavour compared to the other wine’s we’d tried.   Then we moved onto a Syrah based rose, which had a lovely buttery, tangy flavour.  It reminded me a bit of Sauvignon Blanc.

Highlights of the festival included  a lovely method traditional (we drank it but did not get the name, forgive us!) and wines from the Cave Cooperative Le Rose de Bessan, in particular the Rebus Chardonnay (which you’ll notice is a French play on words) and the No 7 Blanc from La Croix Belle.

Vinocap 2011, merci beacoup! Thanks to Alice Brash for the feature photo and as credited below, and shout outs to DJ La Plage/Dr Fruitybass for supplying the sound track.  Check out more pics below…

See the symbols, you get it?
Line up - Photo: Alice Brash
A bucket full.

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