Not all Australian Chardonnay is the same

While visiting the Wine Australia stand at London International Wine Fair last month we tasted a flight of Chardonnays. These were selected by A+ wines (the consumer arm of Wine Australia) to demonstrate the variety of Chardonnay produced by Australian wine makers.  Did they deliver? A brief run down is below…

We started with a Chapel Hill unwooded Chardonnay 2010 – this was light and buttery with a lovely fragrance.  Loved it. RRP around £7.85. (Note unwooded is the same as unoaked).

We moved on to the Paxton Thomas Block 2008 from McLaren Vale which was a little more complex, with hints of honeysuckle and quite light coloured considering the body. RRP £19.50 – 20.50.

Next was the Jacob’s Creek Heritage Collection 2004 – this had lovely buttery and toasty flavours with a hint of fruit and a lovely lingering finish. We then tried the 2007 – from looking at the colouring this was slightly greener with a fresher taste and a little more acidic. Personally for me I preferred the 2004 which retails at around £16.30.

After that we tried the Wakefield St Andrew’s from the Clare Valley which was actually quite lovely, with a hint of oak. RRP £21.

Next was the Heggies,we found this wine really full on, it had a very full, tangy flavour. If you like your Chardonnay big and bold this one’s for you. RRP £17.99.

The Petaluma, Piccadilly Chardonnay 2009 from the Adelaide Hills wasn’t bad, it was buttery and fruity with a lovely light finish. RRP £18.99.

The Tyrrells Vat 47 2007 from the Hunter Valley was quite complex and had a bit of everything, oak, butter and fruit. RRP £29.00.

The Pirie Estate, 2007 Chardonnay which according to Laura Ackland from Pernod Rickhard, tastes creamy, toasty and is from Tasmania, known as a strong region for Chardonnays. It’s full flavoured with a nice peachiness that isn’t too heavy. Really elegant and enjoyable. RRP £16.99-17.99.

The last we tried was the Vasse Felix Heytesbury 2008 from Margarent River which also demonstrated full flavours with a touch of oak. RRP £22.99.

The verdict – there were huge differences in the wines we tasted which ranged from the light florals to the big bold and buttery, something for all tastes!  Kath and Kim would approve. 

Cheers to for the tasting 🙂


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