The Rose revolution is well and truly here

If you’ve checked the last couple of posts you may notice we’ve reviewed quite a few Rosés, we like them, and personally I am a big fan.  They make fantastic summer drinking and they are all very very different. We’ve picked out two summer standouts from Laithwaites to convert non-believers that life is better with rosé-tinted glasses.

Get rosey with this cheeky drop!

The first is the Petticoat California White Zinfandel 2010.  This Rosé has a palate of strawberry, redcurrant and raspberry with a rich fruity aroma, it is on the sweeter side, has a lovely bright cherry colour.  This wine is bursting with fruity goodness and at an RRP of only £6.99 you can afford to indulge in quite a few…(and how cute is the label?!)

This Nine Tails Moscato is simply delicious

The second is the Nine Tails Moscato 2010 Victoria – you can definitely taste the Muscat in this little Aussie Moscato, it has a pop-cap and a bit of natural fizz, it’s light, refreshing and sweet – just like pink lemonade.  If you aren’t into sweet roses, this isn’t for you.  Personally, I’m not afraid to embrace my sweet tooth.  I also never want to grow up.  RRP £7.99 from Laithwaites – be warned this is very, very drinkable.

If you’re after something a bit less sugary we recommend the Mirabeau.  And, if you are already a Rosé believer check out the Rose Revolution, they’re all about it.

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