Return of an icon: Blue Nun Rivaner Riesling review

Blue Nun was HUGE in the 70’s, and was largely responsible for introducing German Riesling to the world with her distinctive blue bottle design and sweet nature.

This summer she’s back with a new taste and new look for a new generation.  Back then she would have been a medium to sweet easy drinker, and has been blamed for giving German Rieslings a stigmata many of them didn’t deserve.

So, does the 2011 Blue Nun deliver? For a start, she’s now a blend of both Riesling and Rivaner (aka Müller-Thurgau) grape varieties – originally she was just Riesling.  And, she’s  a little drier than the 70’s version and has been finished with CO2 to help give her a touch of freshness*.

Our Sommelier friend Wiremu says Blue Nun is a good match with spicy food, especially Thai as her spicy lime will offset the flavours nicely.  This wine dances in your mouth, we admit she has a bit of zing.  Ok, so Blue Nun is a bit like ‘juice wine’ but we did love the freshness of it, very moreish – and there’s nothing wrong with being cheap and cheerful – Hail Mary!

The new look, new taste Blue Nun Rivaner Riesling

RRP £4.99 from most UK supermarkets nationwide.

*Something to note is a lot of cheaper wines have sulphur dioxide added to retain freshness, but is is the same ingredient that will give you a headache! Definitely watch your labels if you’re browsing the under £10 category.

The good news is this is not the case with this Blue Nun, she’s suitably pure 🙂


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