Have wine, will cycle. With style.

In London cycling is a no brainer over the warmer months. It’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s damn easy.  There’s no need to worry about the last tube or having to squeeze onto a bus full of drunk/grumpy/smelly/rude people.

However, when riding a bike built for serious city commuting (with no parcel tray or basket) transporting wine becomes an ugly chore.  The sweaty back pack or courier bag isn’t always ideal, especially when you want to arrive at your destination fresh rather than having your top stuck to your back.

Enter Jesse Herbert, a designer from Montreal, who has come up with a beautiful solution.  It’s handmade, it’s leather, it’s perfect.

Ready for Le Tour?

Available from Jesse’s online Etsy store here for around £25 pounds delivered.

He also does a leather yoga bag carrying strap that also does picnic blankets –  perfect combo!

Thanks to Martin Duhovic for spotting this piece of genius (he’s also a bit of a genius himself…)

Note – photos sourced from Jesse’s Etsy store.


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