Review: Tahbilk Viognier 2009

This Viognier from Tahbilk really packs a punch – it has loads of fresh citrus and white flowers on the nose, and your tastebuds get a hit of lime and melon that softens out to a refreshing apricot finish. A bit like a roller coaster of flavour that has a happy ending.  The wine is from the Nagambie Lakes region in Australia where the lakes and lagoons affect the climate so that temperatures are moderate and cooler than expected, and the soil is rich in ferric oxide (so it would be quite red) which gives the wine mineral qualities.

While this was nice, (and we really, really loved how it finished),  it was a little intense for us. We suspect this was due to us drinking it as at aperitif rather that with proper food. The tomatoes, cheese and crackers weren’t cutting it. If you’re looking for a zingy, crisp wine packed with loads of flavour this is for you.

Apparently this will go well with scallops, charcuterie or cold meat salads – we didn’t try it with the suggested food matches, but we suggest that you do.

RRP £11.65 from

Visit Tahbilk Wines to learn more – they’re one of the oldest Australian wine estates and were established in 1860!

Tahbilk Viognier, packed with flavour.

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