Feijoa Wine, it’s special.

Fantastic bubbles!

The All Blacks are looking pretty good in the Rugby World Cup so I’ve gotten all emotional and decided to feature a wine that’s very special to me (and possibly thousands of kiwis).

It’s Lothlorien Feijoa wine, made with Feijoas!  New Zealanders hold a special place in their hearts for this unusual fruit, and many families have a backyard has a tree which fruits abundantly once a year.  The outer skin is green and sour – some purists eat this, but I prefer not to. The traditional way to enjoy this fruit is to cut one in half and eat the citrusy, limey fruit with a teaspoon.  The smell of ripe feijoas is divine! This blog here does a pretty good step by step guide of eating.  Feijoa (or Pineapple Guava as it is sometimes known) is also excellent when used in crumble and Hubbards do a delicious breakfast cereal, 42 Below do a great Feijoa Vodka and there’s a facebook fan page – people love it.

Anyways onto the wine – it’s light, refreshing easy to drink and was most recently enjoyed at Rakinos in Auckland, NZ during happy hour (5-7pm). Don’t be afraid of the mellow yellow colour – it’s not too full on.  It has lovely green apple, lime and of course feijoa flavours.  It’s bright summer bubbles in a glass, and while it’s full of fruity flavour it’s not sweet while retaining glorious refreshing qualities.  Best enjoyed by the bottle in the sun!

Lothlorien Feijoa Wine comes from a little winery north of Auckland. Available in bars and bottleshops around NZ.  Sadly I can’t seem to find this wine in the UK, if you do manage to find a bottle let me know!


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