Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel 2010

The first thing that struck me with this wine was the colour -midnight. Next, the nose, lovely floral notes, with soft soft black cherries on the palate and silky tannins.   I had a glass before dinner, it was good. Then I had a glass with dinner and that’s when it transformed into one of the most delicious reds I have had the pleasure of drinking.   It blew my fucking mind.  I’ve never had a wine change like this before – it was served alongside a delicious New Orleans style dish – Chicken Pontolba – which has an interesting story in itself.

The savoury saltiness of the dish with it’s seasoned fried chicken and rich gravy style sauce worked perfectly with the wine.  The acidity was even more softened and a delicious smokiness developed while still retaining the juiciness of the fruit. Yum.

Delicious Chicken Pontalba

About the producer
The Seghesio story began when Edoardo Seghesio immigrated from the Pietmont area of Italy to Sonoma California, he first made wines for an Italian Swiss colony before marrying and setting up a vineyard of his own. Zinfandel became popular as they were reminiscent of the fruit driven styles of Italy, and can be drunk within a year of harvest – perfect for Italians where wine is a part of everyday life.  The grapes are sourced from four estate vineyards with low yields, and the vines have a bit of age on them – around 30-35 years on average – with some of the sites having produced wines for over 100 years.  Established. They look like they have a pretty extensive portfolio as well.

This is one of the fancier reds I’ve had in awhile, gotta give a shout out to my flatmate who drinks my wine, then replaces with more wine.  I got a good deal in this instance.  Imagine drinking black velvet, and you’re there.

Around £20 from The Sampler

Wine and cats - nothing better!

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