Wine review: Louis Jadot Beaujolais Chateau des Jacques, Moulin-a Vent 2009

This wine is another good value Burgundy I discovered at the recent Harrods tasting.

Juicy berries, yet light with lovely soft tannins and finish. Beaujolais is made for easy drinking while young. It’s made with Gamay grapes from the southernmost area of Burgundy, and has a pretty interesting history in that it was hated by the ruling classes at certain periods in history. From wikipedia:

In July 1395, the Duke of Burgundy Philippe the Bold outlawed the cultivation of Gamay as being “a very bad and disloyal plant”, due in part to the variety occupying land that could be used for the more “elegant” Pinot Noir. Sixty years later, Philippe the Good, issued another edict against Gamay in which he stated the reasoning for the ban is that “The Dukes of Burgundy are known as the lords of the best wines in Christendom. We will maintain our reputation”.

There was also a period in the 80s when became immensely popular thanks in part to clever marketing by Georges Duboeuf, and with anything that becomes big there’s always backlash. In 2001 it was declared shit wine “vin de merde” by a French wine critic, and then in 2005 the Vins Georges Duboeuf company was charged with mixing low-grade wine with better vintages after a patchy 2004 harvest, and some producers got in trouble for adding sugar in 2007.

Beaujolais had a bit of a rough ride but you wouldn’t know it because this bad boy (or girl) remains light, juicy and deliciously drinkable.  As in the words of M.I.A: “Live fast, die young bad girls do it well.”

Around £19.95 from Harrods

Don't hate on the Beaujolais

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