Wine Review: Craggy Range Te Muna Road Riesling 2011

This Riesling is fantastic, it has a really lovely light finish, but it still has some body.  Flavours of lemon, lime and passionfruit are balanced by a gentle minerality.  It’s delectable. I’ve been drinking a lot of Australian Riesling from the Clare and Eden Valley (which is usually bone dry although the Monsters Attack was not) and I have to say this kiwi example definitely has a much gentler touch. Being 2011 I expected more acidity, but no, it was just delicious.

I appreciated their ‘sweetness scale’ on the bottle – I think people are afraid of the unknown, and this communicates in clear terms exactly what to expect.  Sometimes I want a sweeter style, sometimes I don’t, and this scale this tells me exactly what I need to know and when to drink it.  I also like it that this wine is from a single vineyard estate, it’s not bulk wine, it’s made with care by people who appreciate the ground that it came from, and hand picked.  Craggy Range has a focus on ‘terroir’ you can read about the vineyard from which it came here.

The sweet scale
The sweet scale

Something worth nothing is that Sam Smith MW is their founding Shareholder & Director of Wine and Vitivulture, and the ‘MW’ means he is a Master of Wine – Masters of Wine are incredible wine geniuses, you should be impressed when you see anyone with MW after their name.  He certainly knows his stuff and I certainly like this wine. I guess I better do a shout out to their chief winemaker, Rod Easthorpe too, it was hard to get a sense of what he’s really like from the website but the wine is good so he must be pretty good too. Cheers!

Around $25 from Glengarry Jervois Road, Ponsonby



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