Wine revew: Maven 2008 Chardonnay

According to Maven Wines, a maven is:

n. A person with special knowledge or experience; one who is dazzlingly skilled in any field; an expert.

Maven Wines have won a few awards, so this seems to be the case for this Marlborough outfit.  The Maven 2008 Chardonnay shows its age in the colour, but on tasting it is remarkably fresh and zingy, not unlike the Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough is so famous for.  I actually felt like I was drinking a Sav rather than a Chardonnay, this wine was that unusual to me in that it gave me what I wasn’t expecting.  In terms of what I could taste I got tropical passionfruit, with a nice touch of soft oak on the finish and even a bit of peppery grassiness (savvy). It had good acidity too.  I didn’t get the stone fruit or the ‘attractive nutty flavour’ that I was meant to get with this wine (according to the tasting notes on the label).  Perhaps it was the salted corn chips I was eating while I tasted it?

Anyways, did I like it? Yes, although I think I’d like it more with a proper meal.

Around $20NZD from Farro Fresh – would I buy it again? Probably.

Was I dazzled? No.

Overall an unusual but interesting Chardonnay

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