Wine review: Invivo Sophie’s Rose Marlborough 2012

Invivo is best known for their Sauvignon Blanc (made famous by being loved by UK talkshow host Graham Norton).  Being a lover of Rosé I was keen to give their flagship Rosé a try.

How was it? Orangeblossom and rosepetals on the nose, juicy strawberries on the palate. Dry in style with a nice finish, and enough flavour to be interesting. In my opinion this medium bodied wine went better with my dinner than without – I had BBQ’d chicken. I’d say perfect drinking if you’re having a long lunch or BBQ.

bella roseOver summer I’d also picked up their lower alcohol Belle Rosé (see left), which has 30% less alcohol and calories than their standard Rosé (it’s only 9% alcohol), and it was excellent for drinking in the sunshine. So if you are just looking for a drink to drink, rather than a drink to enjoy with food, I’d highly recommend this one. Had meant to review but just ended up downing it…

Sophie’s Rosé is $15-20 from most outlets, I picked mine up from Farro Fresh.

Did you know Sophie’s Rosé  is named after Zambesi designer, Sophie Finlay, who assisted Invivo with their unique branding, check out the website and you’ll see…


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