Wine review: Monte Nobile Nero d’Avola 2010

With the change in weather I decided to warm up with a sexy red.  On perusing the options I settled on this for three reasons:

  1. My partner has Sicillian blood
  2. I’d never tasted this grape variety before
  3. The label looks cool.

I found it a bit schizophrenic – it was fruity and savoury – but that made it interesting. Lively bright blackcurrant, leather and spice with a soft, fresh finish.  At times I even thought it tasted a bit like blood?  Anyways it went very well with dinner (BBQ lamb and salad) and suspect it would suit other similarly hearty dishes.  I noticed the acidity a little bit, and suspect this would soften with age, no big deal.  It’s similar in style to new world Shiraz/Syrah – so if you like that style give it a whirl. I found it to be medium bodied, not too heavy.

I wanted to find out about the Nero d’Avola grape so had a google. I learned the d’Avola grape is native to Sicily, and according to winesearcher is one of  Italy’s most important red wine varieties.  The name means ‘black of Avola’ and refers to it’s dark colourings.  It’s also known as the Calabrese – I like that pizza.

On special at the moment from Farro Fresh for $15, usually around $20? Would I drink it again? Yes.

If you’re looking for a sexy Italian to cuddle up to this Autumn this is is it.

I also randomly found this trailer for Sylvester Stallone’s first film while researching this review, The Italian Stallion 1970 – appropriate drinking for the party scene. Don’t worry everybody keeps their clothes on and Sylvester looks adorable tumbling through the snow (and ignore the fact he’s from New York).


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