Wine review: Hooray for Rose

Rosé makes a superb summer afternoon drink, and for me, is best enjoyed outdoors. Just because it’s pink doesn’t mean it’s for girls, nor does it mean it’s sweet.  Most Rosé you’ll find is dry, you might get some off-dry varietals from California (say made from Zinfandel grapes) and that’s not counting pink Moscato – which has a slight fizz.  I have a thing for Innocent Bystander’s Pink Moscato but that’s another story…

This Millton Rosé is raspberry sherbet on the nose, deliciously light and easy drinking – perfect company to see you through a warm afternoon. I tasted a touch of fresh strawberries on the palate, and loved the mouthwatering finish. Looks beautiful, smells beautiful, tastes beautiful.

This is the last year Millton will be making this fantastic drop so get it if you can, looks like it’s not available online and I picked this up from the cellar door in Gisborne.  Apparently the Merlot vines are making way for something new.  Millton is my favourite  New Zealand producer, they’re organic, biodynamic and simply make amazing wines – whatever you get from them you can’t go wrong x

Random question: Have you ever wondered why or how Rosé is pink? It’s because the contact with the skins is very brief.



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