Wine review: Innocent Bystander Moscato

Moscato has had some tough times, labelled too sickly sweet by many, banned to the realm of ‘dessert wine’ by even more. This time it makes a comeback, and in a classy way. The hip hop heads have helped sales in the US, notable is this sexy as Ab Soul track featuring Kendrink Lamar! Yeah I know this is from 2011, but I reckon it’s still a banger.

The Innocent Bystander Moscato the reason to bring it back. Fresh, strawberry and cherry fruits with a zingy citrus finish – literally like drinking strawberry sherbet. Off-dry, yet tart, but not so sweet you feel like all your teeth are going to fall out.

I picked this up from Farro Fresh for around $12 (can’t really remember, basically got excited and just had to get into it). Best matched with slow jams and sensual friend.

This is from the Yarra Valley, just out of Melbourne – Innocent Bystander is the entry level brand (I.e. very affordable) of the producers who also do Giant Steps (named after the John Coltrane album). If you live in/visit Melbourne go there, they roast coffee, make cheese (who doesn’t love cheese?) and make fucking brilliant wine x the Giant Steps Chardonnay and Pinot Noir will not disappoint.

Of notable mention is the Millton Estate Muskats at Dawn – equally delicious (and biodynamic and organic to boot!). But, if I had to pick one I’d go the Innocent Bystander….

For more check their website innocent



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