Wine Review: Pedro Pasion 2012

The nights are cold and dark.  I want to rug up, eat comforting cheesy pasta dishes and drink lots of red wine.  The wintry weather calls for a drop that’s warming, and this smooth red from the land of Picasso and Flamenco delivers.  Pedro Pasion has a lovely ripe fruitiness – rich plum and blackberry flavours with a hint of spice (oh Pedro!). He has silky tannins and enough acidity to retain a bit of freshness. An easy drinker, Pedro will work with you.

In terms of geographic place, Navarra is located near the foothills of the Pyrenes and between the Rioja region and France’s Bordeaux region – more info for proper wine nerds here. The grape variety used is predominantly Tempranillo which I usually find very drinkable (there’s a bit of Merlot too).

The bottle pretty much sums it up – “Passion. Excitement. Be like Pedro” – OK THEN! $15-20 from Farro Fresh – try get it on special…

Hot passion


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