Winery Review: Holla Mt Rosa

I went down to Queenstown for a holiday, so decided to check a few wineries I hadn’t been to. Gave Gibbston a miss as its gone a bit touristy, ran out of time for Amisfield (was pretty keen to try their food TBH) and had done Peregrine before – judging from their website they seem more about their architecture than their wine anyways. So we roll up to Mt Rosa which is in the Gibbston Valley and are greeted by the sign below. IMG_1712 Already I’m feeling good about this. So we get on the phone and call Jeremy. He arrives in seconds with a Dalmatian called muppet. It’s amazing. So, on to the tasting!

2009 Pinot Gris This is probably the most interesting Pinot Gris I’ve ever tasted. It’s aged on lees (like Champagne bitches!) aged in stainless steel not oak. I thought it tasked like oak but I guess that’s the lees! Super textural, tasted more like a Chardonnay, but tight with refreshing minerality. It was wild, definitely worth a try. Pinot Gris  2010 Riesling This was much more what I was expecting, typical ‘kerosene’ on the nose (great for all you petrol sniffers out there) but in a good way. Dry, zingy, lemon-lime, tingly concentrated flavours. It was good. 2013 Rose Turkish delight, really light and easy drinking. This is definitely one wine I could chug bag no worries. Amazing aromatics and really fresh – I was totally in lurve. IMG_1703-0 2010 Pinot Noir Black cherries on the nose, mouthwatering and concentrated fruit on the finish. I wasn’t 100 per cent in love with this, I did think it got better and was a little peppery. I’d be interested to try this again on another few years, at this stage I’d say it’s a bit young and unbalanced, but worth a try in the future… IMG_1704 2011 Late Harvest Riesling I’m a sucker for dessert wines, if you haven’t been there for a while give it a try! They make a super classy finish to a dinner party and when you get a good one it will take you to heaven. This was just delicious, fresh on the nose, light and floral – imagine you are a fairy drinking the nectar of jasmine flowers and that’s where you’ll go with this. I ended up buying a bottle. The other good thing about these wines is that they can keep in your fridge for weeks after opened, so you can treat yo’ self every now and then. For some reason there is no photo of the Riesling, I thought I took a photo. Never mind I will describe it for your visualisation – it’s bright yellow, like a berocca wee.

It was a pretty fun, relaxed tasting experience and possibly one of the most in-pretentious wineries I’ve been to. Here are a few more photos from the tasting are below, you might recognise the chap in the poster, and do a pretty good mulled wine pre-mix too. Definitely worth a visit, and as it was slightly off the beaten track we had Jeremy all to ourselves until a small van pulled up – and even then plenty of opportunities to chat and ask questions,

IMG_1708 IMG_1709-0


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