Ok, so you’re on your way to a friend’s place for drinks and you’ve popped into your local supermarket or off-license to grab a bottle. Looking at the miles of isles of wine in front of you, you’re thinking, “Shit I have no idea what to buy, and I forgot that great wine I was drinking last week (because I was drinking it).”

We’re here to save you (and ourselves) from cheap and nasty, and offer you smart and nice. Something your friends will be impressed with. We’re not wine conoisseurs, and don’t give a shit whether you know your French Syrah from your New Zealand Pinot Noir, but we know you deserve something delicious –  even if you’re on a budget or in a rush.

We’re a little bit adventurous, you have to admit it gets a bit boring drinking the same wine all the time, so we’re taking risks and trying out random unknowns in the hopes of discovering a hot little winner to share with you.

Money can’t buy you taste – you only need to check out Britney’s latest paparazzi snaps to confirm that. And, we know there’s loads of fantastic wine for under a tenner (and even better ones if you spend just a bit more).

Obviously we also like to have a bit of fun too, and there are special occasions which demand a little something better so we will splash out every now and then as well as scout out for some cool wine-related stuff to do…

Winehos don’t spit, they swallow.

Also, something to note, our Chief Editor just happens to work for Wine Australia – don’t worry we keep her honest!



    1. Hello! I no longer live in Newington Green, and can’t remember the name of the offlicense. My favourite local wineshop was Highbury Vintners (a short cycle away via Clissold Park).

      I hope that helps Chris!

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